Few STIHL dealers make STIHL Elite Dealer status, at Burgess we are the only STIHL Elite Dealer in Southeast Tennessee. STIHL describes an elite dealer as “having consistently delivered you, our valued customer, better service and advice, an exceptional product range and the expertise of a fully qualified STIHL Master technician.” That is why we can proudly be called a STIHL Elite Dealer.

From professional use in the forest to smaller jobs around the garden, as your STIHL specialist dealer, we have the optimum machine for every task and will also give you tips and advice on the correct and safe use of your power tools.

STIHL Master Wrench Service

In addition to the largest STIHL showroom in SE Tennessee, we also provide Master Technician Repair Service for any STIHL machine, whether you bought it here or not. Either way, our exceptional service and quality repair will keep you coming back and trusting Burgess with all your STIHL needs.

Maximum reliability even in tough conditions is a matter of course for STIHL power tools. But if anything goes wrong with your machine, our technicians will supply original STIHL spare parts to help maximize the performance, safety and life of your STIHL power tool.

What is a STIHL Master Technician?

STIHL Master Technicians have completed the highest level of training to provide you the best technical advice and after sales service. STIHL quality is already well known. So our customers expect maximum reliability and long life from their machines, even in tough conditions. That won’t happen unless they are properly maintained. As STIHL Certified Master Technicians, we will ensure that your machine continues to operate effectively for many years.

pluming pipes
pluming pipes
pluming pipes